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Review – Ginza Inakaya (田舍家), Tokyo, Japan

140130 Inakaya – Main entrance

Having been to the Inakaya in Hong Kong we had to try the original. We were on a tight schedule and didn’t have time to lose. Their last order was at 10:30pm and our flight was scheduled to arrive at 9:05! Under C’s perfect logistic arrangements, we had the hotel limousine drop us off at the restaurant and then deliver our luggage to the hotel while we catch the last order.

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Birdie is Back – Back-to-Back at Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

140126 Discovery Bay, Ruby 8 (Par 3)

It has been an eternity since our last Birdie. We have not been hitting it well lately and have been struggling to get on the green in regulation. Needless to say, Birdie putts were non-existent. Well, finally on the Par 3 8th on Ruby at Discovery Bay, we hit a 6 iron to make sure we got on the green and not to end up short in the deep ravine. We might have been a bit conservative as we were 24 feet past the hole, but on the green nonetheless. Not expecting to make it, we gingerly tapped the downhill putt and having read the right to left break perfectly, I hit the hole smack right in the center. Finally, the spell is broken.


140126 Discovery Bay, Ruby 9 (Par 5)

But it didn’t stop there. Immediately on the next hole, a Par 5, our drive followed by a lay up with the 5-iron left us only 140 yards to the uphill green. With me below R’s feet, we took the 5-iron again and aimed left of the flag. Fading right towards the flag, we just hoped that we made the green. But not only did I get on the green, I was just three feet from the hole! A slight left to right break was no problem for a back-to-back Birdie. Let’s hope this trend continues.

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2013 Year in Review

Again it’s the time of year to reflect what we experienced in the past 12 months…

130415 208 Duecento Otto - Pizza margherita

130415 208 Duecento Otto – Pizza margherita

We found 208 Duecento Otto as the replacement for Piccolo as the best pizza in town.

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The Match – Tiger Woods vs Rory McIlroy @ Mission Hills Resort, Haikou, China

131028 The Match – The Official’s badge

This was the event of the year…no, the event of our lifetime. Sorry it took so long to put this together. Anyway, R was asked to be the Chief Referee at The Match – an exhibition stroke play tournament at Mission Hills Resort in Haikou, China. And there was only one flight, two players – Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. WOW! We were ecstatic. R was preparing for weeks, brushing up on his golf rules to make sure that everything went smoothly.

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Revenge on Hole 2, Lotus Hill, China

131117 Lotus Hill #2 (Par 3)

We were playing a 2-day tournament and on the first day, on the short Par 3 second, we ended up in the water short of the green. So on the second day, we sought revenge. 105 yards to the front pin on a severely downhill green, going for the flag was flirting with the water. So we took a 9-iron to avoid the disaster from yesterday. A high shot not only crossed the water, but was on the putting surface 12 feet below the hole. I could have easily rolled down to the bottom tier and that would have been 3-putt territory. A straight uphill putt just squeezed in the hole for a Birdie. Sweet revenge.

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