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Another Missed Eagle on Diamond 6 @ Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

140909 Discovery Bay, Diamond 6 (Par 5)

We always take the 3-wood on this Par 5 Diamond 6 to avoid the OB that spans the whole right hand side. Our second shot, using a 4-hybrid, was hit fat and we had 175 yards to the back pin of the severely elevated green. Using a 5-wood, I flew right towards the green and faded towards the hole. To R’s delight, I stopped pin high under three feet. Another missed Eagle! But a tap-in Birdie nonetheless…and another photo opportunity. Yup that’s me ;-)

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Amazing Approach for a Tap-in Birdie on Ruby 9 @ Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

140907 Discovery Bay, Ruby 9 (Par 5)

After a good drive on the Par 5 Ruby 9, we took a 7-iron to lay up in front of the lefthand fairway bunkers. With just 130 yards to go, we took the 7-iron again and hit to the elevated green. I looked good and went straight for the flag in the middle of the green. When R walked up to the green, he couldn’t believe his eyes. I was just two feet from the hole! Yes that’s me in the photo. We were so ecstatic that we forgot to keep the Birdie ball and teed off with it on Diamond 1. And we pushed it towards the left trees. Luckily we were able to find it in the rough and didn’t loose it.

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Double Birdies @ Fenghuangshan, China

140828 Fenghuangshan C2 (Par 4), C4 (Par 5)

On this 256 yard drivable Par 4 hole #2 on the C course, we took out the 3-wood and smacked it, leaving just 60 yards to the back pin. Taking our trusty 60° wedge, we struck it perfectly. Unfortunately the wind that was against us just died and we overshot the green! Just on the fringe, we opted to putt and negotiate the double breaker…the whole 27 feet. Solidly struck, I turned left and then swerved back right towards the hole and bang…right in the center of the cup.

Two holes later on C4, a Par 5, we smoked another 3-wood and was left with 165 yards to the massively elevated green. There must have been at least 30-40 feet of elevation to overcome. Taking the 5-wood, we landed just on the lip of the greenside bunker short of the green. Chipping with the 60° wedge finished 13 feet past the hole leaving a downhill right to left breaking putt. An aggressive putt on the slow greens managed to get the job done.

Two Birdies but not one photo! What was R thinking? Sheesh.

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Huge Putt for Birdie on Ruby 9 @ Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

140824 Discovery Bay, Ruby 9 (Par 5)

We thought our drive was gone right so we hit a provisional, which naturally split the fairway. Damn, why can’t the first one be like that? We were losing big time in our skins match and we had to win this hole to minimize the loss. But being out of bounds definitely would not have helped. Luckily when R approached the right rough, my first ball was safely in bounds. Now we still have a chance. Taking a 4-hybrid, we took aim at the left bunkers and hit a perfect shot that rolled back to the center of the fairway 130 yards to the green. With the flag at the front left, we took a bit more club and hit a 6-iron that faded just right of the flag. Left with a 22 foot downhill putt that we HAD to make to win the hole, the pressure was on. Reading a left to right break and taking a bit more break, we made a careful putt on the downhiller. I kept tracking slowly and got closer and closer to the cup…then miraculously fell in the hole! A huge putt for Birdie, just when we needed it.

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Double Birdies on Ruby @ Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

140810 Discovery Bay, Ruby 3 (Par 5)

We were playing from the yellow tees and hit a long drive on the par 5 third on the Ruby Course. Left with 249 yards, we laid up to 110 yards with our second shot. Taking a 9-iron, we aimed straight at the flag and got to within 12 feet. Aiming at the outside left edge of the hole, our firm putt found the target smack in the center of the cup for Birdie #1.


140810 Discovery Bay, Ruby 8 (Par 3)

We were surprised to find the tee markers way forward on the Par 3 Ruby 8. Playing 115 yards to the center of the green, we took an 8-iron and got pin high leaving just 6 feet to the hole. The left to right break was quite severe on this uphill up putt, but we managed to sneak in the left side and made Birdie #2.

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